I’ve Been Giving Ships in a Bottle to Colleagues and Associates for 25 Years Posted on 2 Jun 11:43

Each customized ship in a bottle I give is a special hit to everyone involved.

As a Human Resource Professional, I am always looking for innovative ways to recognize individuals in a special way.  When I came across the business card ship in a bottle, I knew I’d found a very unique gift. What I didn’t know was how meaningful giving such a unique gift would be, both to me and the recipient.

I never dreamed that a ship in a bottle memento, constructed from the award recipient’s business cards, would make such a powerful impact. To see the touched expressions upon receiving such one of a kind gifts has been more than anything I have seen before or since. There are no words to describe how special a person feels holding a custom ship in a bottle constructed from their very own business cards.

I will continue making these personalized gifts available to others.

Recently, when I placed a ship order for an associate departing my consulting firm, I discovered that the  Captain and First Mate of my ship in a bottle supplier were no longer in the ship building business. I was so disappointed that these wonderful gifts would no longer be available that I tried to work out an arrangement where I could assume their business.

Unfortunately the retired business owners were not up to the work required to transition their business and train me. But they did tell me all I needed to know to resume this unusual art form.

Cast Off Ships constructs one of a kind ships in a bottle for you!

After much hard work and lots of consultation from the retired shipwrights, we were successful in creating and launching a product line for Cast Off Ships. I have seen the joy and humble gratitude in the eyes of those receiving such a personalized present. I have witnessed the impact these one of a kind gifts have on everyone able to share in the guests of honor special day.

It is my honor and privilege to continue offering these original gift ideas to you.