A Business Card Ship in a Bottle Tops The Unique Gift Ideas List Posted on 1 Jun 11:18

Our one of a kind gifts are perfect for the one of a kind people on your list.

Do you know someone who seems to have everything? Do you struggle looking for creative birthday gifts every year for your brother? You know, the one who backpacked through Europe for 3 months after he graduated college just for the adventure. The one who dreams of climbing to the summit of Mount Everest because only 145 people make it to the top each year, so why not? He’s the guy who has everything he needs but still deserves to get a cool birthday gift each year.

Or maybe you’re looking for corporate thank you gifts that will make your business stand out as being innovative and creative. Etched glass plaques are pretty. But they’re so typical and don’t always fit your special occasion. Is that how you want your business relationship remembered?

What about the retiring employee who’s served your company loyally for years? The one who gave up weekends with his family when it was necessary to iron out the details of the big contract your business was trying to land. The one who mentored new comers and energetically motivated his coworkers enjoy coming to work each day.

Tell them how unique they are with a personalized business card ship in a bottle.

Can you imagine what it would be like to unwrap a box to find a hand-crafted ship made out of your very own business cards beautifully displayed in a clear glass bottle? And then to find a custom engraved message attached to the base?

Or what if the ship was made out of wedding invitations and it was from your children who wanted to give you the most awesome 30th anniversary gift they could find?

That’s how remarkable, unique, and special it would feel to the person you give a business card ship in a bottle to.

Are you ready to make someone’s day with one of our ships in a bottle?