Castoff Ships creates unique gifts, personalized for each recipient.

We construct a one-of-a-kind ship in a bottle using business cards, wedding invitations, formal announcements, or any other printed memento that you supply. All of our handmade, personalized gifts are presented inside a half-gallon clear glass bottle and come with a wooden stand and a custom engraved metal plate.

Personalized keepsakes in a bottle using business cards, wedding invitations, greeting cards or any other printed memento.

Our ships in a bottle are perfect for commemorating weddings, birthdays, retirements, and other special occasions. Under the ownership and management of Tom Haller, Castoff Ships is partnered with Humanim, a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. Humanim provides employment, services and support for individuals with disabilities. Each purchase of our hand-crafted, one of a kind gifts supports our local community through the people served by Humanim.

Do you want to show appreciation for a business courtesy?

Few gestures are more personal, meaningful, or memorable than presenting your business associates and colleagues with a personalized corporate gift that incorporates the recipient’s own business cards.

Our ships in a bottle can help you say “Thank you for a job well done!” or “Best wishes for a joyous and prosperous life together!” We can add powerful impact when you say to retiring employees, “We’ll miss you and appreciate your service!”or express genuine gratitude for every “You are an important part of our team!”

Ship in a bottle design options include a Skipjack, a Square Topsail Schooner, and a Double-Masted Clipper.

Looking for something different than our existing products? Contact us and let us know how we can help you. We would love the opportunity to create something new for you!

Giving a friend, family member, or colleague a business card Ship in a Bottle will capture long-lasting memories.

Whether you are an HR manager looking for a special way to appreciate employees, an administrative assistant in need of a retirement gift for your boss, a parent celebrating a child’s first professional employment opportunity, a salesperson who wants to thank a customer, or an adult who simply enjoys giving loved ones unique birthday gifts, Castoff Ships offers you a perfect answer.