Wedding Anniversary Gift

Posted on 10 Jun 11:25

Using photographs from the Carter’s honeymoon, we constructed a very special schooner to commemorate both the special occasion and Mr. Carter’s fascination with ships in a bottle. See the YouTube video at:


Sharing our Thank You’s

Posted on 9 Jun 11:26

Here is a recent Thank You note. We are pleased you liked the gift Sascha!

Sascha wrote “Just to say a big thank you for the ship which arrived today. Martin was really pleased with it as were we all. Thank you for your assistance getting this to us as quickly as you did, I would definitely recommend your company to others.

Wonderful gift and service. Thank you


June 13, 2012


Thank You So Much!

Posted on 8 Jun 11:26

I received my CastOffShips orders.


I really think the product is absolutely fabulous.  I know my husband’s brother will treasure this gift.  We are excited to present him with this unique treasure.


Thank you so much.

Cathy Wyatt

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Thank You!

Posted on 7 Jun 04:17

“I received the ship today. It was on my porch when I got home from work a
few minutes ago. I absolutely love it. You did an outstanding job. I
sincerely appreciate the time and effort that you so obviously devoted to
it. I can hardly wait to give it to him! Thank you again for creating such
a creative and unique gift – its exactly what I had hoped it would be! I
will definitly use your services again when an occasion arises.”

Nickie Carter purchased a customized ship as a one year anniversary gift for her husband.

Little Mate Aidan Sets Sail!

Posted on 6 Jun 11:22

Tom’s Grandson Aidan, pretends to set sail at the Cold Spring Village in Cape May, New Jersey where he learned about life in the 1800’s. Ship building was the center of a museum display that caught Aidan’s attention. He is imagining himself sailing inside one of Granddad’s beautifully etched bottles!

Newest Addition to Our Fleet Video Clip

Posted on 5 Jun 11:26

Cast Off Ships is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Cast Off Ships’ fleet – the Chesapeake Bay Skipjack.  This single masted ship-in-a-bottle is modeled after the William L. Bennett oyster dredge boat built in the late 1800’s.   Please check out our short video clip at The particular model in the video clip was built for a related beer lover but we can customize these rare ships for any occasion.


Our First Plane-in-a-Bottle

Posted on 3 Jun 11:26

A custom gift celebrating a life-changing event

A local church was looking for a special gift to recognize their speaker for leading a large men’s program.  The speaker often told of a life-changing event when he crash-landed his father’s prized Cessna 210 airplane as a young man.

We recaptured that event by reproducing the actual aircraft including stripping, markings and the actual call letters.  We etched a photo of the actual airfield on the side of the bottle and painted a runway on the bottom.   The gift was topped off with a customized engraved plate commemorating this life-altering event and thanking him for his contribution to the success of the program.  He was awed by this special token of appreciation.

What special event would you like commemorate with a replica plane or ship?

Talk to us about your idea! Send us an email or complete this form and share your idea with us. We welcome the opportunity and challenge to develop new products. We love the creativity involved in producing new “in a bottle” items for our customers to enjoy.

I’ve Been Giving Ships in a Bottle to Colleagues and Associates for 25 Years

Posted on 2 Jun 11:43

Each customized ship in a bottle I give is a special hit to everyone involved.

As a Human Resource Professional, I am always looking for innovative ways to recognize individuals in a special way.  When I came across the business card ship in a bottle, I knew I’d found a very unique gift. What I didn’t know was how meaningful giving such a unique gift would be, both to me and the recipient.

I never dreamed that a ship in a bottle memento, constructed from the award recipient’s business cards, would make such a powerful impact. To see the touched expressions upon receiving such one of a kind gifts has been more than anything I have seen before or since. There are no words to describe how special a person feels holding a custom ship in a bottle constructed from their very own business cards.

I will continue making these personalized gifts available to others.

Recently, when I placed a ship order for an associate departing my consulting firm, I discovered that the  Captain and First Mate of my ship in a bottle supplier were no longer in the ship building business. I was so disappointed that these wonderful gifts would no longer be available that I tried to work out an arrangement where I could assume their business.

Unfortunately the retired business owners were not up to the work required to transition their business and train me. But they did tell me all I needed to know to resume this unusual art form.

Cast Off Ships constructs one of a kind ships in a bottle for you!

After much hard work and lots of consultation from the retired shipwrights, we were successful in creating and launching a product line for Cast Off Ships. I have seen the joy and humble gratitude in the eyes of those receiving such a personalized present. I have witnessed the impact these one of a kind gifts have on everyone able to share in the guests of honor special day.

It is my honor and privilege to continue offering these original gift ideas to you.

A Business Card Ship in a Bottle Tops The Unique Gift Ideas List

Posted on 1 Jun 11:18

Our one of a kind gifts are perfect for the one of a kind people on your list.

Do you know someone who seems to have everything? Do you struggle looking for creative birthday gifts every year for your brother? You know, the one who backpacked through Europe for 3 months after he graduated college just for the adventure. The one who dreams of climbing to the summit of Mount Everest because only 145 people make it to the top each year, so why not? He’s the guy who has everything he needs but still deserves to get a cool birthday gift each year.

Or maybe you’re looking for corporate thank you gifts that will make your business stand out as being innovative and creative. Etched glass plaques are pretty. But they’re so typical and don’t always fit your special occasion. Is that how you want your business relationship remembered?

What about the retiring employee who’s served your company loyally for years? The one who gave up weekends with his family when it was necessary to iron out the details of the big contract your business was trying to land. The one who mentored new comers and energetically motivated his coworkers enjoy coming to work each day.

Tell them how unique they are with a personalized business card ship in a bottle.

Can you imagine what it would be like to unwrap a box to find a hand-crafted ship made out of your very own business cards beautifully displayed in a clear glass bottle? And then to find a custom engraved message attached to the base?

Or what if the ship was made out of wedding invitations and it was from your children who wanted to give you the most awesome 30th anniversary gift they could find?

That’s how remarkable, unique, and special it would feel to the person you give a business card ship in a bottle to.

Are you ready to make someone’s day with one of our ships in a bottle?