Our First Plane-in-a-Bottle Posted on 3 Jun 11:26

A custom gift celebrating a life-changing event

A local church was looking for a special gift to recognize their speaker for leading a large men’s program.  The speaker often told of a life-changing event when he crash-landed his father’s prized Cessna 210 airplane as a young man.

We recaptured that event by reproducing the actual aircraft including stripping, markings and the actual call letters.  We etched a photo of the actual airfield on the side of the bottle and painted a runway on the bottom.   The gift was topped off with a customized engraved plate commemorating this life-altering event and thanking him for his contribution to the success of the program.  He was awed by this special token of appreciation.

What special event would you like commemorate with a replica plane or ship?

Talk to us about your idea! Send us an email or complete this form and share your idea with us. We welcome the opportunity and challenge to develop new products. We love the creativity involved in producing new “in a bottle” items for our customers to enjoy.