Are you looking for a gift that’s as unique as the person you are shopping for? Maybe it’s a co-worker who went above and beyond what was required of him to land the biggest contract your business ever won. Or maybe it’s the parents of your closest childhood friend who treated you as their own who are now celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Regardless of whom you are shopping for, we can create the most unique, personalized gift you’ve ever seen.

We construct a one-of-a-kind ship in a bottle using business cards, wedding invitations, or any other printed memento that you supply. All of our handmade, personalized gifts are built and presented inside a half-gallon clear glass bottle and come with a wooden stand and a custom engraved plate. You know the solid, thick glass bottles that hold cider, vinegar and moonshine? Our bottles are just as sturdy. In fact, those contents are exactly what our bottles were originally designed to hold!

Cardinal Ship

Personalized keepsakes in a bottle using business cards, wedding invitations, greeting cards or any other printed memento.

How will you honor and celebrate your special someone?

Our ships in a bottle are perfect for commemorating weddings, birthdays, retirements, and other special occasions. Under the ownership and management of Tom Haller, Cast Off Ships is partnered with a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Columbia, Maryland that provides services and support for individuals with disabilities. Each purchase of our hand-crafted, one-of-a kind gifts supports our local community.